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Gone Fishing

In John chapter 21 after Jesus had suffered the crucifixion, after the resurrection, after showing Himself to the disciples at other times, here, He appears to some of them again at the Sea of Tiberius. Later that evening Peter says to those assembled, I believe after the Lord had left, I go fishing. The others with him said we will also go with you. They went out that night and caught nothing. The next morning Jesus was standing on the shore and called out to them and asked, children, have ye any meat? They answered to Him, no. It was at this time Jesus said unto them to cast the net on the right side of the ship and they would find and they caught so many fish they couldn’t draw them into the ship. John said unto Peter, it is the Lord and Peter put his fishers coat on him and swam to shore as the disciples came in the ship dragging the fish. As they came to land they saw Jesus already had a fire with fish and bread on it and Jesus said to bring of the fish they had caught and Peter drug the net full of fish to shore. As Peter said to the others, I go a fishing, he wasn’t speaking about a fishing trip but he had within his heart going back to fishing for a living. He had seen the ups and downs of the Christian life and he thought his old life was better. Do you remember Luke 5 when Jesus entered a ship that belonged to Peter and taught the people and when He was finished He told Peter to launch out into the deep and let down his nets for a draught? Peter told Him that he had fished all night and had caught nothing, but at His word he would let down the net which brake under the weight of the fish. Jesus told them from then on they would be fishers of men and they forsake all and followed Jesus. Now here in John 21 I wonder, where did they get their ship? Where did they get their gear? Let me warn you, Satan always has someone around to help you if you want to quit. He doesn’t want you in God’s service, so he is always ready to help you quit. I want to see a few things this week on gone fishing.

The first thing I want you to notice is when you turn back on God you always affect other people. After Peter said I go fishing the other disciples with him said we will also go with you. When you go back on God you always affect those around you. You affect your church members as they look to you. You affect your children as they look to your leadership and you affect the lost as they look to you for stability. Demas forsook the work and left Paul and Paul wrote of it in Second Timothy in a broken hearted tone.

Also when you turn back on God you are never productive. Notice Jesus asked have you caught any meat and they said no. You can never be of any use to God in a backslidden condition. You may go through the motions but nothing is accomplished. You can only produce through Him. He said in John 15, without me you can do nothing.

Then you see they didn’t recognize Jesus. Maybe it was foggy or misty and they couldn’t see clearly but the fact is they didn’t know who He was. When you’re away from Him you don’t recognize Him or His leading. You don’t know which way to turn or what to do until you come back to Him. The disciples going back to Emmaus were depressed and doubtful as they didn’t know what to think of the events of the last few days. Jesus came up and they didn’t even know it was Him and He expounded to them all the events of the week and told them of the Old Testament scriptures.

Next we can see they were in the wrong spirit when Jesus asked them, children, have ye any meat, they answered Him in a short and terse, no! He showed compassion as He called them children but they showed no respect by saying plainly, no. When you are away from God it is difficult to stay in a right frame of mind. But sadly many want to quit when they can’t get or don’t get their way.

But throughout all of their misadventures, through all their fishing, He never left them. At the morning light He was standing on the shore. Aren’t you glad He never leaves us? He has promised that He would never leave us or forsake us. We may leave Him, we may disappoint Him but He never will us.

Notice the last thing down in vs. 9 when they came to land there was already fish and bread on the fire. The disciples didn’t need to go back to fishing to supply what they thought they needed, the Lord had already supplied it. He can supply all we will ever need if we let Him. The reality is this, He doesn’t really need us at all but we sure do need Him. He supplied the fish and bread to fill them, His presence to bless them and the fire to warm them; does a person ever really need anything else. Don’t go fishing on God. Stay with Him and go forward with Him. Don’t quit!

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